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Breakdown: The Good, Not So Good, and TBD of Newsom’s May Revise 2022-2023

With an unprecedented surplus revenue we call for bold and transformative investments. Much work remains to be done to ensure effective and equitable investments to advance environmental and racial justice in California. We look forward to working with community residents, advocates, legislators, and the administration to adopt a state budget that supports a resilient, healthy, and equitable Inland California.
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California regulators reject petition request to immediately initiate rulemaking to end credits for factory farm gas, despite adverse local pollution impacts

Executive Officer of the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Richard Corey unilaterally rejected a petition request from a coalition of environmental justice, animal protection, and community groups to immediately initiate a rulemaking to eliminate credits for factory farm gas from one of California’s premier climate programs, the Low Carbon Fuel Standard.
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