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Current Feature: Victory! Safe, Affordable Drinking Water for CA

On July 24, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed into law the Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund bill in the Fresno County community of Tombstone Territory — where residents rely on bottled water because the water from their private wells is contaminated.

Starting next year, Senate Bill 200 will provide $130 million annually to clean up drinking water in California communities like Tombstone that lack access to safe water.

Leadership Counsel was proud to co-power with Tombstone Territory residents, as well as many other residents from across the state, to get this legislation passed. 

According to the Fresno Bee, Carolina Garcia, who hosted the ceremony at her house in Tombstone, said she was really emotional during the signing of the bill. She’s happy help is on the way, especially for her children. “I do this all for them,” she said.

Starting next year, the Safe, Affordable Drinking Water Fund will provide about $130 million annually to clean up drinking water in California communities. 


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