Don’t fall for fossil fuel propaganda

By ramping up the production of renewable natural gas for use in buildings and in cars and trucks, California will expand unsustainable agricultural practices that continually pollute nearby communities.

The Struggle for Water Justice in California’s San Joaquin Valley: A Focus on Disadvantaged Unincorporated Communities

Overview In California, lack of access to clean, safe, and affordable water is a threat to public health and well-being, and violates the state’s newly codified Human Right to Water (HRTW). In low-income communities located outside city boundaries (otherwise known as disadvantaged unincorporated communities or DUCs), drinking water is often unsafe to drink. In many such […]

Smart Growth in Rural California, a Working Paper

California has embarked upon a new era of land use planning that looks to the smart growth principles of compact and transit oriented development to achieve economic and environmental sustainability while furthering public health and social equity. With the passage of the Sustainable Communities Strategy and Climate Protection Act in 2009 (SB 375) and local […]