Healthy and Affordable Housing

Obstacles to affordable, safe, and healthy housing in the Eastern Coachella and San Joaquin Valleys are numerous, severe, and intensifying. Scarcity of affordable housing stock, rising rents, and lack of adequate tenants’ rights and anti-displacement protections put healthy homes far out of reach for many lower income residents.

Climate change, extreme heat, and increased flooding risk are intensifying the long standing and widespread problems associated with uninhabitable housing. Divestment from and neglect of lower income neighborhoods means that lower income families live without basic services and amenities. Meanwhile, new developments continue to sprout up that offer few housing options for lower income people and draw resources away from existing communities. Some of our housing campaigns include securing right-to-counsel programs for tenants in local jurisdictions, securing funds for right-to-counsel programs in rural areas, strengthening statewide and local tenant protections and anti-displacement policies, advocating fair housing programs that address patterns of segregation; litigating discriminatory housing programs and uninhabitable conditions, and securing both policies and resources to ensure that people have a right to live in housing that is safe and healthy in the context of extreme heat.

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