Fresno County

In unincorporated Fresno County we partner with residents from the communities of Lanare, Cantua Creek, El Porvenir, and Tombstone Territory. Our areas of focus in unincorporated Fresno County include improving access to drinking water and wastewater service, improving transit opportunities and pedestrian safety, promoting equitable land-use policies, securing community-scale investments for climate resilience, increasing access to affordable and clean energy resources, and protecting groundwater sustainability. We also work in unincorporated neighborhoods just outside the boundaries of City of Fresno where primary community priorities include preventing further encroachment of polluting land uses and truck traffic and increasing access to safe and affordable drinking water and wastewater services.

We work alongside community leaders and community-based organizations in the neighborhoods of Calwa, Southeast Fresno, Southwest Fresno, South Central Fresno, and Jane Addams in the City of Fresno. Fresno is the 5th largest city by population in the state of California, and the largest city in the San Joaquin Valley. Our work in the City primarily focuses on equitable land use and planning policies, fair housing and tenant protections, equitable transportation investments, and protection from polluting land uses and transportation corridors.

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