Our Statewide Work


Our work at the state level brings together the issues that communities throughout Inland California are addressing.

The Work

We work with residents, partner organizations, and other stakeholders to advocate for equitable access to opportunity through administrative and legislative advocacy on issues such as a just transition, clean air and water, access to basic services and amenities such as active transportation infrastructure and adequate wastewater services, affordable housing, reduced reliance on fossil fuels and other problematic sources of energy, climate resilience investment, sustainable land use planning, and regulations that support thriving communities.

Our Approach:

We work in partnership with a strong community-based regional movement to draw resources to the communities for climate resilience, secure investments for water and wastewater services and housing opportunities, and plan for improved and more equitable transportation options.

Statewide Stories:

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Governor Newsom unveiled additional funding cuts to his January Budget Proposal, as the State takes increasingly aggressive...

Bold and transformative commitments made in the last few years must be maintained in California’s budget and ongoing investment plan....