Equitable Transportation

Transportation policies can provide great benefits or present severe risks. Transit and active transportation are a cornerstone of access to opportunity, public and environmental health, and climate resilience while trucks running through neighborhoods pollute air, make walking and biking unhealthy and unsafe, and cut off neighborhoods from one another. Unfortunately, many disadvantaged, unincorporated communities and neighborhoods lack safe sidewalks, bike lanes, curb and gutter, and street lighting, making active transportation options risky or simply nonexistent and limited transit options — if they even exist — are prohibitively inconvenient.

We partner with community members to advocate at the local and statewide levels for transportation planning and investments that reflect transportation needs in their neighborhoods including investment in transit and pedestrian safety and against programs and projects that exacerbate pollution, isolation, and reinforce inequitable patterns of investment. We also work in partnership with community leaders to develop and implement equitable transportation plans and innovative transit solutions.

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