Healthy and Thriving Neighborhoods

Fair land use policies and equitable planning are foundational to healthy communities and access to opportunity. Exclusion of unincorporated communities at the edges of cities from basic municipal services like water and wastewater service, siting of Industrial facilities in lower income communities of color, discriminatory housing patterns, and ongoing sprawl development while existing neighborhoods remain without basic services and amenities are among the many obstacles communities face as a result of historic and ongoing land use decisions. Zip codes should not determine one’s life expectancy. Unfortunately, they still do.

In partnership with community leaders, we advocate for long-term planning and state-wide and local land use policies that will result in more investment in services and amenities (pedestrian safety, parks, affordable housing) and reduced exposure to pollution, challenge permitting decisions that disproportionately pollute already burdened neighborhoods, and fight for investment and land use policies that prioritize investment in existing communities.

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