Sustainable Agriculture

As with all of our areas of work, our efforts to further regenerative and sustainable agriculture are inextricably linked to other areas of work, most notably energy, land use, water, and climate. Our advocacy on agriculture focuses on two primary areas – preventing ongoing pollution from agricultural practices while ensuring a vibrant future for agricultural communities and farmworkers in the context of climate change. 

Dairies and irrigated agriculture contribute to air pollution, water pollution, and climate pollution. Dairies in particular also emit odors that are at times unbearable, and attract flies that create a nuisance in nearby communities. At the same time, irrigated agriculture and dairies are dependent on large volumes of water in groundwater basins that are vulnerable and becoming moreso. 

Our work is focused on reducing pollution from conventional agriculture, increasing accountability of agricultural producers to environmental health through local and state-level advocacy, and ensuring that farmworkers and agricultural communities will benefit – economically and environmentally – from climate-related shifts in the agricultural industry.

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