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Leadership Counsel advocates at the local, regional, and statewide levels on the overlapping issues of land use, transportation, climate change, safe and affordable drinking water, housing, environmental justice, equitable investment, and government accountability.  Our work is characterized by our partnerships with community residents and organizational partners and is focused by our goals of (1) ensuring that processes, programs and policies do not disadvantage, but rather benefit, low income communities of color; (2) holding decision-makers accountable to these communities; and (3) ensuring inclusion of rural regions in programs and decisions related to land use, water, environment, climate change, transportation, housing, and investment.

Our strategy is to co-power community leaders and organizational partners to fundamentally transform the culture in which decision making occurs.  Co-powerment is the acknowledgment of equal power held by residents, communities, partners, decision makers, and other stakeholders and the ability to work together to leverage expertise to truly develop shared solutions to address priorities and create change.

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